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strategist. Author. Mentor.

Hello, I’m Andrew. Thanks for taking the time to find me online. I’ve been working with businesses across various industries for over thirty-five years. Starting in sales, I worked my way into account management and then onto commercial and industrial relations roles, gradually taking on leadership positions with strong managerial and strategic focuses.

Twice awarded Executive of the Year by Stanford Who’s Who, and a graduate of the Australia Institute of Company Directors (AICD), my passion for developing and strengthening business sustainability has become the foundation of the services I provide today. Talk to me about profitable growth, increased market share, improved business support and customer best practice.

My passion for business also drove me to write a book. Redefine, Reimagine, Recreate is a result of over 25 years of leadership and management. So many business owners and managers have asked me to detail the key elements to successfully building a plan for change, sustainability, and success. I’m humbled to be able to share what I’ve learned throughout my career and this book will enable business leaders a helping hand in improving their business.

The book is available to purchase here

If you prefer to reach out and discuss anything in specific detail, I am available here.


profitable growth

Tools to grow your sustainability and profitability.

Market Share

Solutions and strategies to become an industry leader .

Business Support

Streamline with modern technology and processes.


Strategies that grow a competitive and reputable brand.



Business Strategist


Baseplan Software

Chief Executive Officer


AdaptaLift Hyster Pty Ltd

Chief Executive Officer


NACCO Materials Handling Group

Managing Director (Asia Pacific)


JLG Industries

Vice President & Managing Director


Crown Equipment & Linde Materials Handling

State, Rentals and General Manager positions



Melissa & Cliff Chadwick

Chadwick Forklifts Pty Ltd

Andrew Satterley has been a global force in leadership and management in the Materials Handling and Access Equipment industries for the last four decades.

We were lucky enough to be there with Andrew at Crown Equipment in the early eighties when it all began. It was like watching a gifted junior in the under 12’s, you just knew he was going to be a champion.

Andrew's natural intelligence is at the core of his success. But not many are able to articulate their vision with the calmness & confidence that Andrew has proven over and over again. As Melissa experienced first hand, Andrew has a unique ability to empower individuals to be their best and in turn, enhance the performance of the team and ultimately the business.

We are so proud to have watched Andrew conquer the global business world and we are delighted that this book will now give so many an insight in the workings of the very clever mind of Andrew Satterley.

Bob Mules

General Manager, Almac Pacific

Andrew Satterley is a great leader who empowers his people and inspires them to be better than they ever thought they could be. Thank you for your inspiration, friendship and above all, your trust in me.

Fiona Duncan

HR Director, JLG Industries

I have known Andrew for the last 18 years where he has provided my organisation with professional coaching, marketing and general business consulting. In my 25 year career in business, I can honestly and confidently say that Andrew has been, by far, the most inspirational, diligent and talented professional I have had the pleasure of working with and for.

Jason LeGuier

CEO Hotline IT

I have never hesitated to seek Andrew out for his guidance, experience and business insights. I am fortunate enough to have a number of highly experienced and knowledge mentors, but I count Andrew among the best of them. His combination of business acumen, strategic thinking and strong ethical principals make him a uniquely powerful influencer.

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